winegrowers & vineyards

Winegrowers and vineyards

Sommerhausen is famous for its exquisite wine, carefully and competently cultivated by the local winegrowers. 
On the slopes of the Main Valley, the grapes that are characteristic for the region grow on the heat-accumulating “Muschelkalk” (shell lime) soil. In the locations Steinbach and Ölspiel, mainly white wine but increasingly also red wine is grown. Only wines made from grapes with more than 70° Oechsle degrees may be filled into the typically Franconian Bocksbeutel bottles.

First, Silvaner has to be mentioned, one of the oldest grape varieties in Franconia. Already cultivated in Castell in 1659 and in Würzburg in 1665, it has got a share of 20 per cent in the local white wine production. Of an unassuming taste and bouquet, Silvaner is ideal with Franconian dishes. Müller-Thurgau is the number one regarding quantity. While still young, it has got a fruity taste with mild acid - an ideal wine for mild summer evenings.

Apart from Bacchus and full-flavoured Traminer with its rich bouquet, we must not forget Scheurebe grapes, a cross between Silvaner and Riesling. In Sommerhausen, this grape variety has a particularly rich cassis bouquet. Among red vines, there are for example Blauer Spätburgunder, Schwarzriesling, and Domina.
It is worth staying in Sommerhausen for a weekend or a few days merely to become acquainted with all the subtleties of these treasures of nature.

Do taste the wine on a wine tasting at a winegrower’s or in a restaurant. Come to Sommerhausen, visit the wine festivals and experience the charm, hospitality, and romance of our area. You will find out why there was a god of wine in ancient Rome – Bacchus!