Town Hall


The town centre is still surrounded by a largely intact town wall. Right in the middle the town hall is situated, built in 1558 and decorated with a step gable. Its arcades of pointed arches at the street façade used to be salesrooms in former times. Later they were bricked up and today accommodate the tourist office. The assembly hall in the upper floor is a simple but impressive room with deep window recesses and marquetry wall panels. The spacious hallway – also called “Bürgersaal” (‘Citizens’ Hall’) - is decorated with massive beams and a wooden-beamed ceiling. It is also used for wine tastings, receptions, and events.

In the foyer of the city hall, art exhibitions are presented during the summer months. Even the former jail served for artistic purposes in the past. Irmingard von Freyberg (deceased in 1985), an artist from Sommerhausen, exhibited ceramic works and silhouettes here.

Sommerhausen has undertaken a complete renovation of the town hall during the last few years.