Church of Bartholomäus


The Protestant parish church, called “Bartholomäuskirche”, stands beside the town hall. First mentioned in 1341, it was altered from 1666-1672. In 1739, the nave collapsed and was rebuilt in 1740. The steeple from the 13th century stands sideways and was enlarged by the upper floors and the stairway in 1596. It remained intact when the church collapsed. It is interesting that the steeple is not owned by the church but by the town.

Inside the church, the pulpit immediately catches the eye. A richly carved Renaissance superstructure dates from 1620 and was enlarged in the 18th century.

A commemorative plaque reminds of the former pastor Carl Heinrich Caspari (1815-1861), who contributed much to Sommerhausen’s reputation by his book “Der Schulmeister und sein Sohn” (‘The Schoolmaster and his Son’).

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